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Re: Moving to git

On 20 August 2015 at 19:23, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 08/20/2015 11:57 AM, Jason Merrill wrote:
>> I hear that at Cauldron people were generally supportive of switching
>> over to git as the primary GCC repository, and talked about me being
>> involved in that transition.  Does anyone have more information about
>> this discussion?
>> Our current workflow translates over to a git master pretty easily:
>> basically, in the current git-svn workflow, replace git svn rebase and
>> git svn dcommit with git pull --rebase and git push.
> Right.
>> It should be pretty straightforward to use the existing git mirror as
>> the master repository; the main adjustment I'd want to make is rewriting
>> the various subdirectory branches to be properly represented in git.
>> This is straightforward, but we'll want to stop SVN commits to
>> subdirectory branches shortly before the changeover.
> Seems reasonable.
> I think we also need to convert our SVN hooks into git hooks, but presumably
> that'll be easy.
> I suspect Jakub will strongly want to see some kind commit hook to associate
> something similar to an SVN id to each git commit to support his workflow
> where the SVN ids are  associated with the compiler binaries he keeps around
> for very fast bisection.  I think when we talked about it last year, he just
> needs an increasing # for each commit, presumably starting with whatever the
> last SVN ID is when we make the change.

IIUC you can get a per-branch rev number with:

git rev-list --count --first-parent <branch>


$ git rev-list --count --first-parent trunk

I believe this says there are 140323 commits between the beginning of
time and trunk.

That's per-branch though, not a global revision number across all
branches. (Maybe that's more useful anyway?)

The number of commits on trunk since the gcc-5-branch point is:

$ git rev-list --count --first-parent trunk ^gcc-5-branch

I don't know if this is useful.

FWIW I like David's suggestion of useful commit summaries in the first line.

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