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GCC Mips has 31 Masks in mips.opt


While experimenting with a local GCC change I added two new Masks to
mips.opt and ran into a build failure about too many masks:

./options.h:4172:2: error: #error too many target masks

It looks like we already have 31 Masks in the MIPS mips.opt file and 32
is the limit.  It looks like the fix for this is to put some of the Masks
in a variable other then target_flags with the Var() syntax.  I see i386
and rs6000 doing this with ix86_isa_flags and rs6000_isa_flags.

Now I could just put my new flags (and any other new flags that come
up) in a separate variable, but I was wondering if we wanted to
move a set of existing Masks to a new variable instead of just using
a first-come first-serve approach to what goes into the default
target_flags and what goes into a new flags variable.

My thought is that by moving some of the existing Masks to a different
variable it would make it easier to add new flags later, especially if
someone is just adding a flag temporarily as an experiment to test

Does this sound reasonable to you?  If so what flags do you think we
might want to move out of target_flags to a different variable?

Steve Ellcey

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