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Re: How to access structure information from "pass_vectorize"

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 6:01 PM, Swati Rathi <> wrote:
> We are writing a GIMPLE pass and would like to use some information computed
> in
> pass_vectorize. However, we are not able to use the data structures which
> gets populated in pass_vectorize
> because the information is not made available across passes.
> In particular, we wish to access the structures "stmt_vec_info" and
> "data_reference".
> How do we access this information? Should we invoke pass_vectorize as a
> sub-pass of our pass? Should
> we explicitly call the execute function of pass_vectorize in our pass? Or
> should we modify pass_vectorize
> code and make a deep copy in a global variable? Is there any other way of
> getting this information?

It really depends on what kind of information you want to access.  You can
re-compute things in your pass, or you can make your pass part of the
vectorizer (thus, modify the vectorizer pass).  In particular data_reference
is just what the data-reference analysis usable from any pass (tree-data-ref.h)

But without more information on what information exactly you want to access
(and where - where is your pass placed compared to the vectorizer?) it is
hard to suggest anything.


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