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Update MAINTAINERS (Re: Remove spam in GCC mailing list)

On Sun, 22 Dec 2013, Tae Wong wrote:
> It will be better if you have enabled the Launchpad account seotaewong40.
> This account has been suspended for renaming an answer title multiple times.

The GCC team has nothing to do with Launchpad.

> There's also an ordering error on the GCC maintainer list:
> On the write after approval section, Xinliang David Li comes between
> H.J. Lu and Christophe Lyon: please fix the sort order so his name
> appears between Kriang Lerdsuwanakij and Jiangning Liu.

Thanks for pointing this out.  Fixed per the patch below.

On the way I noticed (well, strictly speaking my editor did, and
transparently so) that the MAINTAINERS file was ISO 8859, so I did
the conversation to UTF-8 as well.  It's 2014 after all.


	* MAINTAINERS: Convert to UTF-8.
	Properly sort Xinliang David Li's entry.
--- MAINTAINERS	(revision 206770)
+++ MAINTAINERS	(working copy)
@@ -276,11 +276,11 @@
 Fortran			Erik Edelmann
 Fortran			Daniel Franke
 Fortran			Steven G. Kargl
-Fortran			Thomas K?ig
+Fortran			Thomas KÃnig
 Fortran			Daniel Kraft
 Fortran			Toon Moene
 Fortran			Mikael Morin
-Fortran			Tobias Schl?er
+Fortran			Tobias SchlÃter
 Fortran			Paul Thomas
 Fortran			Janus Weil
 gengtype/GTY		Laurynas Biveinis
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@
 Stephane Carrez
 Gabriel Charette
 Chandra Chavva
-Fabien Ch?e
+Fabien ChÃne
 Bin Cheng
 Harshit Chopra
 William Cohen
@@ -353,7 +353,7 @@
 Josh Conner
 R. Kelley Cook
 Christian Cornelssen
-Fran?is-Xavier Coudert
+FranÃois-Xavier Coudert
 Cary Coutant
 Lawrence Crowl
 Ian Dall
@@ -361,7 +361,7 @@
 Bud Davis
 Chris Demetriou
 Sameera Deshpande
-Fran?is Dumont
+FranÃois Dumont
 Benoit Dupont de Dinechin
 Michael Eager
 Bernd Edlinger
@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@
 Mohan Embar
 Revital Eres
 Marc Espie
-Rafael ?vila de Esp?dola
+Rafael Ãvila de EspÃndola
 Ansgar Esztermann
 Doug Evans
 Chris Fairles
@@ -448,15 +448,15 @@
 Marc Lehmann
 James Lemke
 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij
+Xinliang David Li
 Jiangning Liu
 Sa Liu
 Ralph Loader
 Gabor Loki
 Sandra Loosemore
-Manuel L?ez-Ib?ez
-Martin v. L?is
+Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez
+Martin v. LÃwis
 H.J. Lu
-Xinliang David Li
 Christophe Lyon
 Luis Machado
 Ziga Mahkovec

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