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Re: gnattools cannot be built for freestanding/bare metal environment without hacking up the build machinery

On Thu, 2014-01-16 at 18:53 +0100, Rolf Ebert wrote:
> Am 16.01.2014 18:17, schrieb Luke A. Guest:
> > But what about the gnattools? Not buildable. A message in the ml
> > archives states to build them with "make -C gcc gnattools," but this
> > fails:
> This is PR19959, see comment #13. IMHO, this PR was incorrectly closed. 
> That's why we use the mentioned build kludge in AVR-Ada.

I never liked this method, but it does work, to a point. But it is a

Ah, I tried looking but didn't find this, FYI 

As usual, there is a comment stating, see RTEMS on how to do it, which
never answers the question or fixes the issue.

Also, comment 14, is the apparent howto which fails as I mentioned in my
first post and I really don't understand Arnaud's comment at all there.
I just don't get the reasoning.

But this is not AVR specific, as he states in #16 and the following does
not work either, as he states: make -C gcc gnattools-cross or make
gnattools-cross as the rules don't exist, even tried -C gcc/ada.


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