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Re: Getting the ARC port reviewed and accepted

On 10/01/2013 03:19 PM, Joern Rennecke wrote:
Quoting Richard Biener<>:

Good.  So what remains is the configure parts, the libgcc parts and
the documentation parts.  Though for all of them they look ARC
specific so maybe the maintainership covers these as well.

I suppose this automatism when being assigned the maintainership
escaped Joern as well ... ;)

I knew that the maintainership in general covers the relevant config
and testsuite bits as well as the port specific directories, but David
said at my appointment as maintainer:

: The GCC SC has approved acceptance of the port and you as maintainer.
: I will announce that shortly.  Because the patches that you want to
: include in GCC 4.8 are localized to the port, I think that it still
: should be possible to merge it into trunk (assuming the RMs agree),
: but you still need a Global Reviewer to approve it.

Ofercrineoutloud, I'm wondering if we've changed from the Knights Of
Free Software to a bunch of clerks obsessed with process for process's

Please, there must be a Global Reviewer reading this.


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