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Re: gcov / lcov producing icorrect results due to white space in source.

TK Banks <> writes:

> I'm also not sure I'm directing this issue to the correct mailing list.
> If not, perhaps someone would be so kind as to point me to the right
> mailing list or forum.

In fact, is the wrong mailing list.  The right mailing
list would be  Please take any followups there.

> I am a member of a perhaps dying breed that likes opening and closing braces to line up vertically.  This is causing lcov & gcov
> to incorrectly claim that the line associated with the opening
> brace of some constructors to never be hit by my unit tests.  Here
> is a sample snip-it of lcov output for one of my constructors:
> 1135  :     template<typename M, typename V> 1136 14 :     inline Group<M,V>::Group(Domain<M,V>& d) 1137  :         :   _domain(&d), 1138  :             _end(this, &_end, &_end, 0x80000000), 1139 14 :             _size(0) 1140 0 :     { 1141 14 :     }
> Notice that line 1140 is said to be executed zero times.  In my
> browser, it's highlighted in an obnoxious and most chastising red.

I can't figure out your line breaks there--all the code is on a single
line.  That said, it sounds like this is a small bug somewhere, and I
would guess it is somewhere in GCC.  Please report it following the
instructions at .  Thanks.


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