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Re: clear_cache on Alpha architecture not implemented?

Greetings, and thanks foro looking into this!

Witold Baryluk <> writes:

> On 05-03 09:19, Camm Maguire wrote:
>> Greetings!  The build succeeded, which, alas, means the failure at
>> is again unreproducible, like the kfree_amd64 and ppc examples.  Sigh.
>> Are there known differences in the cpu cache clearing instructions
>> between imago and your machine? 
>> In any case, can one upload by hand builds to debian-ports like one can
>> into the official repository?
>> Take care,
>> -- 
>> Camm Maguire			 
>> ==========================================================================
>> "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah
> After lots of investigation, it looks that imb (I-cache memory barrier,
> used for flushing instruction cache on single cpu), is not emited or
> called when doing __builtin___clear_cache!
> It shouldn't be hard to add, for example using (define_expand
> "clear_cache" ... in gcc/config/alpha/ in gcc, or in libgcc/config/alpha/linux.h
> as #define CLEAR_INSN_CACHE(beg, end) ...
> Either of them should just emit, "call_pal 0x86". It is better than
> "imb" because imb is not implemented in Tru64 assembler, and better than
> "call_pal pal_imb", because pal_imb (which is equal 134), requires
> include <pal.h>.
> Beyond that it would be naccassary to update kernel, to detect that user
> code called imb, by checking if proper flag in HWPCB structure is set,
> and call smp_imb() if naccassary on multi-processor system (probably
> when rescheduling this process on different cpu) and clear hwpcb flag,
> becuause imb invalidated Icache only on running cpu.
> Build of axiom package successed on my machine probably by luck, and by
> the fact it is single CPU machine with smaller cache than imago (and
> older subarchitecture, thus probably less agressive caching).
> What alpha maintainers thinks?

Pending a true fix, here is the gcl situation when built on alpha:

checking for main in -lX11... yes
checking for xdr_double... yes
checking __builtin___clear_cache... yes

and the relvant gcl code:

#define PAL_imb		134
#define imb() \
__asm__ __volatile__ ("call_pal %0 #imb" : : "i" (PAL_imb) : "memory")
#define CLEAR_CACHE imb()

static int
clear_protect_memory(object memory) {

  void *p,*pe;
  int i;

  p=(void *)((unsigned long)memory->cfd.cfd_start & ~(PAGESIZE-1));
  pe=(void *)((unsigned long)(memory->cfd.cfd_start+memory->cfd.cfd_size) & ~(PAGESIZE-1)) + PAGESIZE-1;


  __builtin___clear_cache((void *)memory->cfd.cfd_start,(void *)memory->cfd.cfd_start+memory->cfd.cfd_size);

  return i;




The goal was to exercise the very helpful gcc __builtin___clear_cache
support, and to avoid having to maintain our own assembler for all the
different cpus in this regard.  Clearly, it is easy to revert this on a
per architecture basis if absolutely necessary.  If gcc does or does not
plan on fixing this, please let me know so gcl can adjust as needed.

Take care,
Camm Maguire			 
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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