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[ANN] StarPU 1.0.0, hybrid CPU/GPU task programming

We are pleased to announce StarPU 1.0.0, a GCC extension and run-time
support library for hybrid CPU/GPU task programming, available from the
following sites:

Home page:

StarPUâs GCC plug-in allows programmers to annotate C code to describe
tasks and their implementations, as well as memory buffers that are
passed to the tasks.  Each task may have one or more implementations,
such as CPU implementations or implementations written in OpenCL.  Task
invocations are asynchronous and may be scheduled on any available
matching processing units.

StarPUâs run-time support library schedules tasks over the available CPU
cores and GPUs, and is also responsible for scheduling any data
transfers between main memory and GPUs.

Documentation for the GCC plug-in can be browsed at:

The plug-in comes with an extensive test suite, and is continuously
tested against released versions of GCC 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7:

Please send feedback and bug reports to!

Ludovic, on behalf the StarPU team.

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