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Re: Prototype libatomic

On 03/13/2012 08:02 PM, Richard Henderson wrote:
So, I've got something put together.  I think it should be fairly scalable.
As a test I've thrown in some ARM overrides.


git:// rth/libatomic

which is a gcc tree with a libatomic subdir.

Comments welcome.  Andrew, didn't you say you had some code as well, but
didn't want to argue with autofoo?

Yeah, I had the original libatomic code I mailed you a few months ago, which I also attached to the wiki here (added copyright recently since I noticed it didnt have one)

I had taken that code, split it into more manageable source files that weren't so macro driven and much easier to maintain, added some testcases to verify the build, and was trying to figure out how to configure and build libatomic as a standalone library in the toolchain similar to the way libitm is setup. (not nearly as complex tho)

My theory was that it would build if there was not a libatomic already present in the build environment, ie, only if needed. I hate configuration and so ended up thrashing around on that part and not getting anywhere :-P

I don't use git, is there a non-git way to see what y'all have? or shall I figure git out :-) It would be good to have a place to start building on in the tree, I expect there are a lot of enhancements that can be made to it along the way.


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