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On Thu, 2012-02-09 at 15:52 -0800, Satya Prakash Prasad wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am a new joinee to this group and a C/C++ developer for around 2
> yrs. What interest me most is gcc / gcov combination output. It list
> the code execution details.
> Is there a possibility that gcc build binaries can print file
> name:line number <code> of the code it is executing at run time.
> Something like gcov produces after code execution but has to be in
> order of execution to benefit projects build from more than one source
> code unit. So can the gcov part be built by default and results be
> available at runtime in sequence of execution.
> Does this requires modification of gcc code - any pointers would help me a lot?

If I'm understanding you correctly, this seems like a nice feature to
have for people learning to program in C/C++, but an unacceptably high
speed cost for most other uses.  For example, it's nice to be able to
watch the order in which constructors and destructors get invoked when
learning C++.

A GCC plugin is probably the most appropriate way to implement this: you
could write a new pass that walks the gimple statements, and injects new
print statements to add the diagnostics that you want.

I would shamelessly promote my python plugin at this point [1] :) which
in theory would make doing this perhaps a 20-30 line python script, but
it doesn't yet support modifying gcc's internal representation, merely
reading it - but that could change.

Hope this is helpful


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