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Re: # of unexpected failures 768 ?

On 31 October 2011 17:38, Rainer Orth wrote:
> Dennis Clarke <> writes:
>>>> I'm uncertain if Solaris 8/x86 still supports bare i386 machines, so it
>>>> might be better to keep the default of pentiumpro instead.
>>> Solaris 8 won't run on anything less than pentium, I recently
>>> convinced someone else to stop building GCC for i386 on Solaris:
>> The Os is on Vintage support until March 2012. Also, I never had problems
> That's not the question (but one reason why Solaris 8 support will be
> removed after GCC 4.7). ?As Jonathan documented, you can't run S8 on a
> bare 80386, so there's no reason the default code generation to that CPU.

Quite.  In fact there are *very* good reasons not to configure for
80386: libstdc++'s configure uses the default arch being configured
for, and disables a number of features on i386 because it doesn't
support the required atomic ops.

So by configuring for i386 you will distribute a GCC package that is
missing useful features, but supports an ancient architecture that
Solaris doesn't even run on.

You should configure for pentium-pc-solaris2.8 or use --with-arch-32=pentium

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