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Re: new triplet for x32 psABI?

On Monday, October 03, 2011 18:57:28 Michael LIAO wrote:

please don't top post

> Most examples would be related to tools generating code.
> Suppose you have a software package with several hard-coded fully
> optimized assembly file for different targets. Your build system need
> to know the current target as well as target ABI to select the correct
> assembly file to build it. It even desirable if it includes a simple
> script to help generate assembly code (like the one in OpenSSL), you'd
> better know the target ABI to prepare proper glue code without
> breaking ABI.

hjlu posted examples to the x32 site as to handle this.  the only difference 
between x86_64 and x32 is the size of the pointers.

please explain why his example won't cover the OpenSSL's needs.  (side note; 
OpenSSL is a terrible example to use because (1) they don't even use autoconf 
or any autotools and (2) they don't generally use sane tuples like the config 

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