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Re: new triplet for x32 psABI?

Most examples would be related to tools generating code.

Suppose you have a software package with several hard-coded fully
optimized assembly file for different targets. Your build system need
to know the current target as well as target ABI to select the correct
assembly file to build it. It even desirable if it includes a simple
script to help generate assembly code (like the one in OpenSSL), you'd
better know the target ABI to prepare proper glue code without
breaking ABI.

- Michael

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 3:34 PM, Mike Frysinger <> wrote:
> On Monday, October 03, 2011 18:25:46 Michael LIAO wrote:
>> As x32 psABI ( is invented, do
>> we need a new triplet for system relies on triplet to figure out it's
>> targeted on x32 environment. The new triplet would look like
>> 'x86_64-unknown-linux-gnux32' for x32 vs 'x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu'
>> for regular 64-bit. This's similar to EABI added to ARM or PowerPC,
>> where 'arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi' vs. 'arm-unknown-linux-gnu'.
> do you have examples of why you need this ?
>> The current scheme documented on website
>> ( uses the existing triplet but
>> specify x32 ABI through compiler/linker options. It works for most
>> compilers aware of that, but how other tools not handling
>> compiler/linker options knows the current build is targeted on a
>> different environment?
> the mips people have been using a single tuple for multiple abis (n32 and
> n64), and it doesn't appear to have been a blocker for them ...
> -mike

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