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Re: -mcmodel=large doesn't work to me

Wei Li <> writes:

> I am working on huge object files and I am glad to see that gcc
> supports -mcmodel=large now. However, my experiment even doesn't work
> because of relocation problem in crtbeginS.o

This message was not appropriate for the mailing list,
which is for the development of gcc itself.  It would be appropriate for
the mailing list  Please take any followups to
gcc-help.  Thanks.

Basically, you have encountered a problem which is a cross between a bug
and an installation issue.  In order to use -mcmodel=large reliably, you
really need to compile everything with -mcmodel=large.  In this case,
the startup file crtbeginS.o, which is part of gcc, was not compiled
with -mcmodel=large.

This can be fixed with a minor gcc source code modification, but the
effect will be to build -mcmodel=large versions of all the gcc
libraries.  Distros may prefer to avoid that.

So the best approach here may be to add yet another configure option to
request that this be done.  Please consider filing an enhancement
request at .  Thanks.


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