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"Ada.Exceptions.Exception_Propagation" is not a predefined library unit

%pc relative addressing of string literals/const data

Re: *_ALIGN_MAX_SKIP macros

-isysroot option ignored for crosscompiler?

-mcmodel=large doesn't work to me

Re: 4-15% speed-up in std::sort special case - is it worth the effort?

Stadyum Derbi Özel Reklam Teklifi

Re: [C++-0x] User-defined literals.

[PATCH] Enable linker plugin for windows [was Re: Discussion about merging Go frontend]


[rfc] stack alignment macro cleanup

[trunk] hard-reg-set.h not installed in plugins/include

Re: [wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: new mirror


about function attributes for functions returning a pointer

atomicity of x86 bt/bts/btr/btc?

Benchmarks for Pointer Analysis

Bootstrap broken on Cygwin, fix on the way.

Bootstrap errors on i386-pc-solaris2.10 bisected

Bootstrap failures on sparc/x86 solaris2.10 machines

Bug in expand_builtin_setjmp_receiver ?

building gcc-4.3.5 for sh-elf --with-newlib --enable-language="c,c++"

CASES'10 paper related to MILEPOST GCC

Re: check_cxa_atexit_available


Constant initializers

Constant propagation and CSE

constant string changed



Default initialization value...

Re: define_peepholes in mn10300


Describing multi-register values in RTL

Discussion about merging Go frontend

Dragonegg-2.8 released

dropping gccbug

dual result function & ABI (using extra register), e.g. for Go

Re: End of GCC 4.6 Stage 1: October 27, 2010

forcing the linker to be a particular one (i.e. gold vs bfd)

A Framework for GCC Plug-ins

g++ produces crazy code for STL container

G++ test suite picking up incorrect libstc++

GCC 4.4.5 Released

GCC 4.4.5 Status Report (2010-10-01)

GCC 4.6.0 Status Report (2010-10-27)

GCC and out-of-range constant array indexes?

Re: GCC Bugzilla upgrade to version 3.6.2 ready

GCC RTX generation question

Gcc Summit - room share

GCC Summit 2010 papers and presentations

gcc's(4.4.3) math lib :power

gcc-4.3-20101003 is now available

gcc-4.3-20101010 is now available

gcc-4.3-20101017 is now available

gcc-4.3-20101024 is now available

gcc-4.3-20101031 is now available

gcc-4.4-20101005 is now available

gcc-4.4-20101012 is now available

gcc-4.4-20101019 is now available

gcc-4.4-20101026 is now available

gcc-4.5-20101007 is now available

gcc-4.5-20101014 is now available

gcc-4.5-20101021 is now available

gcc-4.5-20101028 is now available

gcc-4.6-20101002 is now available

gcc-4.6-20101009 is now available

gcc-4.6-20101016 is now available

gcc-4.6-20101023 is now available

gcc-4.6-20101030 is now available

gcc-testresults submissions

Re: gcov for assembly

GCSE problem on a gcc testsuite

gengtype installation (where, how)?

GNAT ARM EABI ZCX, possible stopper needs clarification

Help with reloading FP + offset addressing mode

Hooks, macros and target configuration

Re: How to get attribute of callee

how to initialize a pointer using data page mode

Re: ICE with GCC-4.5.1-20100708

inline assembly vs. intrinsic functions

Insert new global declaration to Gimple

Is Ada 2005 Issue AI-0157 implemented correctly in GCC 4.6.0?

Re: Is it possbile to hack I386 backend to make all function calls to be indirect function calling?

Is it possbile to hack I386 backend to make all function calls to be indirect function calling?

Laurynas Biveinis now gengtype reviewer

The Linux binutils is released

LLVM 2.8 Release

LTO symtab sections vs. missing symbols (libcalls maybe?) and lto-plugin vs. COFF

LTO symtabs inconsistency

make recheck?

Map tree to properties

MIPS64 GCC not building at r165246

movmemm pattern

Fwd: NEW GCC build failure, HEAD@166030 on native

Re: old aliasing bug: fixed?

Options for dumping dependence checking results

PATCH RFA: Do not build java by default

peephole2: dead regs not marked as dead

please help on makefile bug in MELT (plugin, not branch)

Plug-in Licensing

Preprocessor (cpp) separate binary

Problem in bootstrapping on mingw

Problem with equivalent memory handling

question on ssa representation of aggregates

Questions about selective scheduler and PowerPC


Re: Range-based for in c++98

Re: Regarding the GCC Binaries and Build status pages


rehearsal of GCC Summit tutorial "Easily coding a GCC extension with MELT" (at IRILL, Paris, France oct.20th 2010)

RFC: Add zlib source to src CVS resposity

RFE: 'enable checking' as a GCC compilation switch?


rules for svn commit-ing a [gengtype] patch?

Re: secondary reload via 2 intermediary registers

show size of stack needed by functions

simple for loop on g++ 4.4.3

some questions to GCC steering commitee (at GCC Summit) related to documentation from code

Sorry for abrupt departure


toplevel *again* out of sync

Trouble doing bootstrap

Unable to build --enable-build-with-cxx --enable-languages=c,c++ --with-gold

unsupported symbol binding (probably GOLD related) when building trunk?

Who owns config.rpath?

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