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Re: Patch pinging

(Off topic)

Basile Starynkevitch wrote:
> But you (whoever you really are) should also realize that to submit
> patches and have them accepted, you need to have some legal papers done
> with the FSF (copyright transfer or disclaimer, see the "legal
> prerequisites" section of at first).
> And I would be very surprised if the FSF accepted a legal paper without
> a real legal name.

Well, the FSF needs a the real name (and a valid postal address), but
they do accept pseudonyms:

"If a contributor wants the FSF to publish only a pseudonym, that is ok.
The contributor should say this, and state the desired pseudonym, when
answering the request- form. The actual legal papers will use the real
name, but the FSF will publish only the pseudonym."

Quote from:

Can we - if possible - concentrate again at improving GCC and its
infrastructure rather than doing this phantom debate? In case of
Nightstrike, we have an active tester and thus contributor to especially
MinGW64, who is also willing to work on updating Bugzilla - I do not see
any reason to deter him from doing this.

who also prefers real names, but he understands that some prefer to
remain anonymous, and accepts this

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