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Patch pinging

Recently on #gcc, I have been conversing with several others on the
topic of patches lost in the tides of the gcc-patches mailing list.  I
flagged Jeff Downs' recent message as an example of a patch that has
been waiting since November
(  I then
volunteered to be a patch pinger, to watch the mailing list and ping
patches that don't get responses.  I currently do this for Win64 work
anyway, so I already read most of the mailing list as it is.

To do this between Kai and myself for Win64, he posts a commit message
at the end of the thread (Committed rev ###) to signify to me to
delete the thread from my inbox.  Every so often, I ask him about any
threads that haven't been addressed.  I offered to Ian to do the same
thing for the whole mailing list if we can make it a policy that
people who commit changes do what Kai is doing so that it's clear that
the thread is done with.  I don't mind throwing a few pings down, and
I already have the whole ML tagged with a gmail label.

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