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Re: how to comply games for consoles

On 18 June 2010 22:50,  <> wrote:
> Hello GCC of GNU,
> I've done a bit of research regarding the GCC complier, and even emailed
> GNU regarding the usage of GCC to comply self developed games for game
> console OS (such as Xbox 360, Playstation3, Nintendo Wii and etc.).
> I did learn that GCC is a major complier for Playstation (which is good,
> since I want to use Crystal Space Engine to create some of our games), and
> can work for any platform, with the correct support libraries for those
> other systems.

Please note that GCC is a "compiler" and it is used to "compile" code,
not to "comply".

> My question is were can I aquire support libraries for GCC in order to
> comply games for platforms such as iPhone, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and so
> on?
> Where can I aquire such information?

Please send this sort of question to, not this
list. This list is for discussing development of gcc, not for
questions about using it.

Most games platforms have their own set of development tools. You will
usually have to obtain them from the supplier of the platform, not
from GCC.

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