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Re: Patch pinging

On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 09:21 -0600, Jeff Law wrote:
> >
> > Look, you don't want me to be here... fine.  I get it.  Enough is
> > enough already.  Technical disagreements are one thing.  Personal
> > attacks on me are just juvenile.
> >    
> I don't see this as a personal attack.
> Like Paolo, I'm a lot more likely to read a message from someone with a 
> real name, or at least a name that sounds real.

I also agree with Paolo, and I am not sure you could entirely hide your
true (legal) identity.

To commit code to GCC, you need to have signed some legal document with
FSF (e.g. a copyright transfer or disclaimer). I am not a lawyer, but I
would guess that for that document you'll need to reveal who you are.

Therefore, what is the point of hiding your name on this list? AFAIU,
someone (at least at FSF or at Codesourcery or at the organization
responsible of subversion server) legally needs to know who
you are, and which legal document covers your contributions to GCC.

There is no personal attack involved. 

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