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Re: Patch pinging

On 7 June 2010 22:43, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> The patch tracker ( is not
> currently operating.
> Would anybody like to volunteer to get it working again?

I'm not volunteering, but I might look into it one day.  I already
have too little spare time for my libstdc++ (and C++ committee)
commitments, so it won't be soon.

If dberlin doesn't still have the code, it shouldn't be too hard to
reimplement, assuming the same model is desirable.

Since I wouldn't fancy setting up a mailbox, a script which
periodically crawls the gcc-patches archive might suffice. Finding
:ADDPATCH xxx: messages would be easy. :REVIEWMAIL: messages include
the In-Reply-To in the form of an <!-- X-Reference: --> comment in the
HTML, the last such comment seems to be the direct ancestor.
:REVIEWURL url: mails would obviously work, the url identifies the
message in the archive. :REVIEWID id: messages would work too, as the
id is known to the patch tracker.

It wouldn't need a database, a structured file of some sort would do,
and a CGI script which parsed that could produce an HTML page for

Just a simple matter of programming ;)

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