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Re: Accepted applications for Google Summer of Code 2010

Hi folks,

i'm one of the students who didn't get accepted this year, unfortunately. This
doesn't lessen my motivation to get involved, though. Thus i decided to roll up
my sleeves and start to work on my proposed project anyway as i think it'd be
just perfect for getting familiar with the code base and the project as a whole.

The project I proposed addresses RTX traversals as a possible optimization
candidate for gaining some overall speedup. I plan to make the currently
recursive walks over the RTL non-recursive, which does especially affect
FOR_EACH_RTX and co. My proposal for GSoC is not public, so no link provided
here, but if you're interested i'd be happy to send it along.

I know that Paolo Bonzini tried something similar quite some time ago and i
would appreciate his thoughts on what i propose here, a lot. Further, some
comments of the reviewers of my proposal, whoever that might be, would be great,
too. That said, i have to add that i'd appreciate some feedback by anyone of you
very much :)

Thanks a lot in advance,

On 04/28/2010 01:44 AM, Diego Novillo wrote:
> This year GCC received 10 slots for Google Summer of Code.  The full
> list of the accepted projects is at
> Unfortunately, we could not accept all the proposals.  But that should
> not discourage folks from contributing, anyway.  To increase chances
> of acceptance for future applications, please make sure to follow the
> published guidelines.  There are various resources on the net with
> suggestions on how to write a solid GSoC application, which we have
> listed on the GCC wiki (
> Congratulations to all the accepted applications.  Looking forward to
> all those contributions!
> Diego.

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