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Re: Why not contribute? (to GCC)

> If I have the rights to re-license software, and I re-license the
> software, why do I not have permission to enforce these rights?

Because you have the permission to re-DISTRIBUTE (not "re-LICENSE") the
software and nothing else.  Note that I changed "right" to "permission".
The owner of the software (the copyright holder) has given you specific
permissions to do certain things with the software.  Re-distributing it is
one of them.  But you're not the OWNER of the software.

You're also not re-LICENSING the software.  If I write some software and
apply the GPL to it and you get a copy, you have my permission to
redistribute that software to a third person.  But the license that the
third person receives is from ME, not you.  If a person you give it to
violates the GPL (e.g., by giving somebody a binary copy and refusing to
give them the sources), that person has violated a license with ME and only
*I* can persue it legally.

> Personally, this whole issue is problematic to me. I really can't see 
> why I would ever sue somebody for using software that I had declared 
> free.

If they made it NON-FREE!  See above.

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