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What version of GCC will build for a cross --target=armv4t-linux-eabi,
which I believe is the right code for an ixp425 processor? The host
compiler is gcc-4.3.3 on a Linux-debian-test system. I have also tried
unsuccessfully tried the armv5t target, with similar results.

I have tried numerous versions, and get nothing but shell errors
(such as "cannot compute suffix of object files"), and numerous syntax
errors with the gcc source. I have built --target=xscale-elf in the past
without any problems, but that target apparently no longer exists.

In which version of gcc was xscale-elf dropped?

I am trying to get a version of the gcc compiler that will compile for
and ixp425 processor with the newer eabi, but I cannot find any version
that will accept the target options, and successfully build. Nor can I get
it to build with any --target I could thing of, eabi or otherwise.

Has support the arm systems been dropped in gcc? and if so, in which

I need to find out where to look for a functional version of the gcc
cross compiler for this cpu.

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