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Re: Compiling programs licensed under the GPL version 2 with GCC 4.4

* Joe Buck:

> Doesn't matter, because the runtime library is not under GPLv3.  It's
> under GPLv3 plus the runtime restriction.  That combination is more
> permissive than GPLv2 (because of the exceptions it makes).  Therefore,
> as far as I can tell, there is no conflict; the combined program has
> no restrictions beyond the GPLv2 restrictions.

I think it's unordered with respect to the GPLv2.

> In particular, the DRM rules don't apply; the more restrictive rules
> on patents don't apply.

But if I change the run-time library, I still have to license those
changes under the GPLv3 if I want to distribute them, right?  For the
library, all the additional GPLv3 restrictions apply if I modify it
(such as the patent licensing rules, or the fundamental weakening of
copyleft).  I think that traditionally, such restrictions, even if
concentrated to the code to which GPL software is linked, has been
enough to make the code incompatible with the GPL.  If this were not
the case, the Apache License 2.0 would have been deemed compatible
with the GPL version 2 because it explicitly mentions that its
requirements do not apply to code linked to the library.

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