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Graphite Merge Expected in Mid/Late July

David Edelsohn has informed the release managers that the Graphite
branch is nearly ready for merge to mainline.  Graphite will provide a
bunch of new loop optimization capabilities, and is one of the important
infrastructure developments that will help to improve the performance of
code generated by GCC.

The Graphite developers feel that they will be ready to merge in
mid-to-late July.  The RMs have approved this plan.  As the Graphite
developers firm up their plans, they will let us know, and we'll
coordinate the exact mechanics for the merge, including any necessary
"quiet period" on the trunk to accommodate that.

Of course, all the patches will go through technical review/approval as
part of the merge, and the remaining questions about exactly what
versions of CLooG/PPL should be used will be worked out as well.  I
encourage the Graphite developers to start discussing those issues on
the mailing list as soon as possible so that we have everything ready
when the time comes.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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