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Re: false assertion make_decl_rtl, at varasm.c:1273

Kouadri MostÃfaoui Abdellah Medjadji
<> writes:

> I'm working on a new  transformation pass.
> During this pass  the whole TREE of a function is parsed using tree
> walker, and code is inserted  (using  BIND_EXPRs).
> The problem is that i'm having a false assertion 
> "at make_decl_rtl, at varasm.c:1273" 
> This is the line NÂ1273 of varasm.c
> gcc_assert (TREE_CODE (decl) != VAR_DECL
> 	      || TREE_STATIC (decl)
> 	      || TREE_PUBLIC (decl)
> 	      || DECL_EXTERNAL (decl)
> 	      || DECL_REGISTER (decl));
> The problem appears only when transformations are made in functions
> different than main(). Also, the assertion fails when  make_decl_rtl is
> called with local variables  already declared in the function (and not
> artificial variables itroduced by the pass).
> Can some one help me to figure out what  this function stands for? and
> how i can solve my problem ? 

make_decl_rtl is used to generate the RTL to refer to some static
object.  It should not be called for a local variable; a local variable
should be turned into a pseudo-register instead.  It's hard to know what
is wrong with your pass; you should look at what is calling
make_decl_rtl with a local variable, any why.


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