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Re: [JAVA,libtool] Big libjava is biiiig.

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Andrew Haley wrote:
>>> Did you try my list of things to lift out?  I don't think there will be any
>>> interdependencies; the only problem might be that the reduction is not enough.
>>     Hi Andrew,
>>   I've had a quick hack at it now, and it's not doing what I'd hoped, so
>> possibly I've misunderstood what you intended, or am not grokking the
>> structure of java packages correctly.
>>   So, did I do the partitioning wrong here?  Or have I misunderstood what you
>> were referring to as "interdependencies"?
> Oh, I'm _so_ sorry, you're absolutely right.  I misread (or, perhaps, miswrote)
> the makemake.tcl file.  It turns out that even those files that are compiled BC
> are compiled with -fno-indirect-classes, so that they can be (and indeed are)
> called from code compiled with the C++ ABI.
> How embarrassing.  :-(

  That's ok, thanks for trying to help.  I'll just have to go down the route
of preparing import libraries ahead-of-time.  (Actually I'm already doing this
as we speak, and it is /possibly/ showing up some binutils bugs, but that's
another story....)

  On the bright side, this means that if they're going to be interdependent
sublibraries anyway, I can parcel them out more evenly, and get a greater
reduction in the number of symbols each one individually exports.


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