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Re: merging trunk into MELT branch: svn merge or svnmerge merge?

> What is the best tool to use, svnmerge or the merge subcommand of svn?

I have never used svn merge, but instead learned to use svnmerge right
from the outset, from advice given to me at the time.

> I'm quite confused actually. I tried to use svnmerge but I tend to think 
> it didn't do what I expect.
> Ideally either a reference or the full sequence of commands to run would 
> be helpful (assuming I can restart from pristine MELT branch & trunk)

When you create your branch, you need to run svnmerge init.  This will
create an svn property at the top-level of your tree, which you check

>From time to time, you will run svnmerge merge.  The svnmerge script
knows which trunk revisions are present on your branch and will bring
across any that are missing.  You then commit these.  (Make sure you
have no local changes in your tree before doing this, otherwise you will
end up committing them, too.)

It's really quite easy once you get the hang of it!

Cheers, Ben

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