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merging trunk into MELT branch: svn merge or svnmerge merge?

Hello All,

I'm trying to have the MELT branch following as closely as possible the GCC trunk. I'm on Debian/Sid/AMD64 and have both svn (version 1.4.6dfsg1-1 of package subversion) and svnmerge (in package subversion-tools of same version) which is coded in Python (I've got version 2.4.4)

But I probably misunderstood what is the best tool for merging the GCC trunk into the MELT branch. Usually the merging is straightforward, because the MELT branch is mostly new files. Occasionnaly, I have to "merge" by hand (i.e. handle conflicts, typically in gcc/passes.c).

What is the best tool to use, svnmerge or the merge subcommand of svn?

I'm quite confused actually. I tried to use svnmerge but I tend to think it didn't do what I expect.

Ideally either a reference or the full sequence of commands to run would be helpful (assuming I can restart from pristine MELT branch & trunk)

I'm sorry to ask, but I remember having read both hints.... I suppose svnmerge is some wrapper above svn merge, but I know have doubts. And I am not a Subversion expert. I know only the few commands I'm using daily...

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