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Re: bootstrap broken on mingw

* FX Coudert wrote on Sun, Feb 17, 2008 at 12:54:05PM CET:
> >Actually there seems to be a recent change "backward" to that logic:
> >
> >2008-02-13  Ralf Wildenhues  <>
> >
> >        PR other/35148
> >        * (gcc-vers.texi): Use abs_srcdir for the value of
> >        srcdir.
> Doesn't look too good for mingw.
> >and we have PR35218 which seems to be the same issue?
> Yes, it is exactly, it was open by Eric and I added my information. I  
> should have given the PR number in my mail.

I see two possibilities: revert above patch, and list texinfo 4.11 as
prerequisite for building the pdf/dvi (I tried this version with the
current tree and above patch reverted).  One alternative is to hack path
replacement into for MinGW.  Ugly and error-prone, so I will
not recommend it at this point.

One question I have, Eric and FX: do you both have self-built texinfo on
MinGW?  Because the specially-built one in /usr/bin should be able to
handle the file names just fine.  I don't remember though which version provides, probably an older one only.  If not, another
possibility would be to just require users on MinGW to update their
system texinfo installation.

Proposed patch for the first alternative (trunk and 4.2) below.  OK?

Thanks, and sorry for the breakage.

2008-02-17  Ralf Wildenhues  <>

	* (gcc-vers.texi): revert 2008-02-13 change.
	* doc/install.texi (Prerequisites, Final install): Texinfo 4.11
	is required for DVI and PDF.

diff --git a/gcc/ b/gcc/
index 9c91fb5..7553dcb 100644
--- a/gcc/
+++ b/gcc/
@@ -3653,7 +3653,7 @@ gcc-vers.texi: $(BASEVER) $(DEVPHASE)
 	 then echo "@set DEVELOPMENT"; \
 	 else echo "@clear DEVELOPMENT"; \
 	 fi) > $@T
-	echo "@set srcdir $(abs_srcdir)" >> $@T
+	echo "@set srcdir $(srcdir)" >> $@T
 	if [ -n "$(PKGVERSION)" ]; then \
 	  echo "@set VERSION_PACKAGE $(PKGVERSION)" >> $@T; \
diff --git a/gcc/doc/install.texi b/gcc/doc/install.texi
index 8411f44..4b3a421 100644
--- a/gcc/doc/install.texi
+++ b/gcc/doc/install.texi
@@ -397,7 +397,7 @@ files to test your changes.
 Necessary for running @command{make dvi} or @command{make pdf} to
 create printable documentation in DVI or PDF format.  Texinfo version
-4.8 or later is required for @command{make pdf}.
+4.11 or later is required for @command{make dvi} and @command{make pdf}.
 Necessary to build GCC documentation during development because the
 generated output files are not included in the SVN repository.  They are
@@ -2321,8 +2321,8 @@ and @TeX{} installed.  This creates a number of @file{.dvi} files in
 subdirectories of @file{@var{objdir}}; these may be converted for
 printing with programs such as @command{dvips}.  Alternately, by using
 @samp{make pdf} in place of @samp{make dvi}, you can create documentation
-in the form of @file{.pdf} files; this requires @command{texi2pdf}, which
-is included with Texinfo version 4.8 and later.  You can also
+in the form of @file{.pdf} files; this requires @command{texi2pdf} from
+Texinfo version 4.11 and later.  You can also
 @uref{,,buy printed manuals from the
 Free Software Foundation}, though such manuals may not be for the most
 recent version of GCC@.

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