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GCC 4.3.0 Status Report (2008-02-14)


We are in Stage 3 and the trunk is open for regression and documentation
fixes only.  We have reached our goal of zero open P1 regressions (in fact
several times, but each time different P1s appeared), so 4.3.0 release
candidate will be created early next week.  There is still time to get
important bugfixes into the release candidate.  On Monday
branches/gcc-4_3-branch will be created, and the trunk subsequently open for
Stage 1 of 4.4.  4.3 branch will be afterwards frozen until the release
candidate is created, any changes to the branch will require RM approval.

Quality Data

Progress has been made over the last 2.5 weeks, on P1 regressions
as well as P2 regressions.

Priority     #   Change from Last Report
--------    --   -----------------------
P1           0    -  2
P2          74    - 14
P3           4    +  2
-----       --   -----------------------
Total       78    - 14

There are still 38 P4 and 91 P5 regressions, this is the last chance to get
them fixed before the release candidate.

Previous Report

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