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Re: RFH: GPLv3

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Richard Guenther wrote:

>> | It has also not yet been decided whether backports of bug-fixes from
>> | GPLv3 versions of GCC to older GPLv2 versions of GCC (e.g., GCC 4.1)
>> We can make a final release from GCC-4.1.x and close it definitely.
>> We should strive for some kind of mononiticy in terms of release
>> series and licensing.
> We can just close the branch.  Though I expect vendors to continue to need
> to maintain it for another 5+ years.  Maybe we can get mutual agreement
> from contributors to re-license their contributions to currently active
> branches
> under GPL v2 as well and this way side-stepping the FSF on this matter.

This sounds ideal, but I'm concerned a little bit about how this interacts
with the copyright assignment to FSF. When a contributor assigns copyright
to FSF, do they still have the right to license their changes separately?

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