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Re: [RFC] Our release cycles are getting longer

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 11:18:34AM +0100, François-Xavier Coudert wrote:
> [sorry for breaking the thread; stupid gmail doesn't want to add
> custom References headers]
> >It may be that not too many people pick up 4.2.0.  But, if 4.3 isn't
> >looking very stable, there will be a point when people decide that 4.2.0
> >is looking very attractive.  The worst outcome of trying to do a 4.2.0
> >release is that we'll fix some things that are also bugs in 4.3; most
> >4.2 bugs are also in 4.3.
> >From the Fortran point of view, and however limited it might be,
> skipping the 4.2.0 release would be very unfortunate. We've been
> working hard on it, and especially in recent time, many bug fixes have
> been deemed to risky to backport to the 4.1 branch. 4.3 is still a
> long way down the road, and the 4.2 branch has interesting features
> even from the non-Fortran point of view.

Gcc 4.2 has a serious FP performace issue:

on both ia32 and x86-64. If there will be a 4.2.0 release, I hope it
will be addressed.


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