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Re: Cheatsheet for building gcc

Is there a way how to do it without reconfiguring gcc?

No. Do you think it would be best to have --enable-stage1-languages=all in non-release branches? The time taken to compile the stage1 (nonoptimized) non-C front-ends is small, and the advantage seems significant.

Q6) How to clean up everything except for the stage1 compiler and
   its runtime (libgcc, libmudflap, libgomp)?
make restrap (which will also start a bootstrap)

Would it be possible to add a possibility to just clean up the things, without restarting the bootstrap (i.e., to move everything to the state I would have after "make stage1-bubble" if I started from the scratch)?

Actually, I was wrong as "make restrap" will also delete the runtime. The closest things to what you want are:
- "make distclean-stage2"; however it will leave there all the target libraries if they have already been compiled, not only the runtime.
- "make distclean-stage2 clean-target"; which will remove also the runtime.


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