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Re: Running GCC tests on installed compiler

Thanks to Steve Ellcey for having asked the question I did not care (dare)
to ask and to those who answered.

> So please use contrib/test_installed

This script seems quite outdated: it tests g77 and not gfortran, even with 
the latest 4.3.0 snapshot (20070112).  As I was primarily interested in 
the gfortran tests, I replaced g77 by gfortran everywhere (keeping the 
different capitalizations) and it worked.  The script also ignores java 

I looked again to the manual ( and 
did not find this script documented anywhere.  Am I missing something or 
is this a place where the manual can be improved?  

Note that I am installing gcc on Mac OSX/PPC through a fink script that
does not keep the building directory, so my choices are either to make
further changes to the script to include the appropriate "make check" (this
will increase both the building time by several hours and the risk of
failure after several hours) or to do a postinstall check (my choice,
unless someone offers a better solution).



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