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Re: mpfr issues when Installing gcc 3.4 on fedora core

On 2007-01-04 12:54:34 -0500, drizzle drizzle wrote:
> I am wondering if my all my troubles stem from mpfr not being
> installed properly ..
> When I configure mpfr I get the following warning. Cud this be an issue ?
> checking if gmp.h version and libgmp version are the same... (4.2.1/4.1.4) 
> no
> configure: WARNING: 'gmp.h' and 'libgmp' seems to have different versions or
> configure: WARNING: we cannot run a program linked with GMP (if you cannot
> configure: WARNING: see the version numbers above).
> configure: WARNING: However since we can't use 'libtool' inside the 
> configure,
> configure: WARNING: we can't be sure. See 'config.log' for details.

Yes (now this test is much more reliable in MPFR 2.2.1). You may have
the following problem (quoted from MPFR's INSTALL file):

  Such problems commonly occur under GNU/Linux machines, where default
  header and library paths may be inconsistent: gcc is configured to
  search /usr/local/include by default, while /usr/local/lib is not in
  the default search paths. If you have a GMP version installed in /usr
  (provided by the OS) and a new one installed in /usr/local, then the
  header of the new GMP version and the library of the old GMP version
  will be used! A typical error is the above one in "make check". The
  solution is to add /usr/local/include to your C_INCLUDE_PATH and to
  add /usr/local/lib to your LIBRARY_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH (and/or
  LD_RUN_PATH), as said above. Alternatively, you can use --with-gmp*
  configure options (described above), e.g. --with-gmp=/usr/local, but
  other software that uses GMP and/or MPFR will need correct paths too,
  and environment variables allow to set them in a global way.

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