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Re: gcc, mplayer and profile (mcount)

On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

I told you was to use the gcc-help mailing list, which was correct.

So this seems to be a bug in gcc: it should be calling _mcount.

It just that it is my impression that gcc list is more appropriate for gcc bugs than gcc-help.

I also did my best to answer your question. In your original message you didn't mention that there was an mcount variable in your program, so it's not surprising that I wasn't able to identify the problem.

Yeah, my mistake, back then I did not know that gcc used mcount() for its own purposes.

On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, Andrew Haley wrote:

Trivia time: what is the longest delay between a bug being committed
to gcc before someone notices and a fix being committed?  This one is
eleven years and eight months.  I wonder if we have a record.

not gcc related, but here's my own record :

this bug as present in xterm ever since it ran on linux for the first time, up until 2001. No idea how long it is, but at least a decade.

Adam Sulmicki 	The Supreme Headquarters of the 32 bit registers

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