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RE: warning about classpath import

----Original Message----
>Sent: 22 September 2005 15:25

>>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Korn <> writes:
>>> I'm finally ready to do another classpath import, and near the last
>>> minute I realized that the import may temporarily break the build, due
>>> to an unfortunate interaction between the classpath Makefile and the
>>> way cvs import works.  FWIW I'd prefer to continue using cvs import
>>> since it does seem to help the process a little.
> Dave>   Is this anything that could be fixed with a "cvs admin -b"
> Dave> immediately after the import?
> I've never used that, but based on the manual, I don't think so.
> The problem is that files that are new on the vendor branch will show
> up on HEAD immediately, and classpath will try to build them.
> Tom

  Ah, that was part 2) of the problem, the bit I had trouble with was the
way it kind-of auto-merges across any unchanged files by setting their
default branch to vendor branch instead of trunk.

  What version of CVS are you using, and does it speak the "-X" option (new
in 1.12.x)?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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