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RE: lib2funcs and fpbit both rely on each other

----Original Message----
>From: Paul Brook
>Sent: 15 September 2005 14:25

> On Thursday 15 September 2005 10:59, Eric Fisher wrote:
>> Hello,
>> When building Libgcc with new porting gcc, _floatdidf.o failed for
>> undefined symbol _floatsidf. I've been told that _floatsidf is in
>> fpbit.c as _si_to_df.o. Then I modified the and firstly build
>> fpbit. But _pack_df.o failed for undefined symbol
>> _ashldi3.o which is in libgcc2.c. It seems that they are rely on both
>> each other.
> Sounds like your assembler is broken. Building libgcc shouldn't require
> linking anything, so you should never get undefined symbols when building
> libgcc.a.

  Indeed.  And isn't modifying, like, totally the wrong thing to
do?  I thought you were only supposed to modify your t-* target makefile

`Floating Point Emulation'
     To have GCC include software floating point libraries in `libgcc.a'
     define `FPBIT' and `DPBIT' along with a few rules as follows:
          # We want fine grained libraries, so use the new code
          # to build the floating point emulation libraries.
          FPBIT = fp-bit.c
          DPBIT = dp-bit.c

          fp-bit.c: $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c
                  echo '#define FLOAT' > fp-bit.c
                  cat $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c >> fp-bit.c

          dp-bit.c: $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c
                  cat $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c > dp-bit.c

     You may need to provide additional #defines at the beginning of
     `fp-bit.c' and `dp-bit.c' to control target endianness and other

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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