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RE: Gcc 4.0.2 RC1 checking not disabled?

----Original Message----
>From: Andrew Pinski
>Sent: 14 September 2005 19:56

>> ----Original Message----
>>> From: Gcc K6 testing account
>>> Sent: 14 September 2005 19:43
>>> Ave gcc people
>>   !Hola!
>>> Is "-DENABLE_CHECKING" supposed to happen in a RC/release?
>>> Or has -DENABLE_CHECKING nothing to do with the configure
>>> option --enable-checking?
>>   --enable-checking defaults to on these days, and has done for some
>> time. It doesn't enable _all_ the checking options by default, just some
>> of the most useful ones.
> Actually that is not true.  It defaults to --enable-checking=release for
> release branches with building with normal checking on stage1.

  I think this may just be a subtlety of wording; I don't mean the same by

>>   --enable-checking defaults to on these days

as I would by saying

>>   --enable-checking defaults to "on" these days

  In the first form, I'm just saying that it is enabled in any way at all;
in the second form, I'm specifying the actual value of the parameter.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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