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Loop information

Can someone please help me getting the following information?

1) I would like to obtain the loop bounds (constant case) of all nested 
of a RTL insn. Is there a data structure over which I can iterate to get 
for each nested loop of a RTL insn?

2) Is there a way of determining sequences as mentioned in the paper
"Beyond Induction Variables: Detecting and Classifying Sequences Using a 
Demand-Driven SSA From" by Gerlek, Stoltz and Wolfe? 

3) Can I determine if a pseudo register (RTX) is an induction variable 
(linear) or not?
Which data structure gives me this information?

4) At RTL level, array accesses convert to MEM expressions. I was 
if I can obtain the source level array name from the MEM expression. If it 
not exist already, can I annotate the MEM rtl with the array name while 
the RTL
is being generated? I am performing an analysis at RTL level which needs 
to know the
array that I am accessing and treats them independently. Which module 
I have to modify to handle this case?


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