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Problems with the m32c target and M16C6N cpu

I have built a cross-gcc (gcc Aug 19th, binutils Aug. 21st, newlib Aug.
27th) on cygwin for the m32c target. The small test program that I use is:

struct bit_def {
       char    b0:1;
       char    b1:1;
       char    b2:1;
       char    b3:1;
       char    b4:1;
       char    b5:1;
       char    b6:1;
       char    b7:1;

union byte_def{
   struct bit_def bit;
   char    byte;

#define pd5_addr (*(volatile union byte_def *) 0x03eb)       /* Port P5
direction register */
#define p5_addr (*(volatile union byte_def *) 0x03e9)       /* Port P5
register */
#define pd5 pd5_addr.byte
#define p5_0 p5_addr.bit.b0

int main ()
   int i=0;

   pd5 = 1; // set p5_0 output
   while (1)
      while (i++<1000)
      while (i++<2000)
   return 0;

The purpose of the program is to just toggle the output of Port 5_0
between 0 and 1. Actually, after building an object file with gcc
-mcpu=m16c, objcopy -Osrec, and flashing, there happens just nothing on
my M16C6N testboard. And when I try the file with the kd30 debugger, it
just hangs up.

Does anyone have a clue on what I'm doing wrong?

So long


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