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Re: Converting GCC to compilation with C++

On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 12:12:05PM -0300, Nicol?s Lichtmaier wrote:
> >Since each patch that adds functions is supposed to be reviewed, if
> >the review process were effective in enforcing coding standards, this
> >couldn't have happened.  I also see dozens of places in the compiler
> >where line breaks around operators (usually "=") aren't done according
> >to our standards either.
> >
> >The existance of these things is a very strong argument against any
> >claims that "improper" use of C++ would be rejected.
> Hi, I'm an outsider but... Why not creating a switch which would trim 
> the C++ language to a "safe" subset? Then GCC could use this switch, and 
> many projects (like Mozilla) could use it as well...

It's been suggested.  See elsewhere in the thread for the kneejerk responses.

Behind everything some further thing is found, forever; thus the tree behind
the bird, stone beneath soil, the sun behind Urth.  Behind our efforts, let
there be found our efforts.
              - Ascian saying, as related by Loyal to the Group of Seventeen

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