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Re: Policy for wrong-code bugs

An intermediate policy would be to close them when a compiler that fixes
the bug is actually released to the public.

In any case, it would be nice to be able to track wrong-code bugs that
exist in current, shipping compilers.

I think that Volker's proposal makes sense in the abstract, but will be confusing in practice. People are still using really old compilers -- we have a customer where we are still supporting GCC 2.8.1, for example. Keeping PRs open for all current, shipping compilers means never closing any PR ever. I think using "closed" to mean "a fix is available somewhere" is useful; for example, it means that you can perhaps backport the change to some older compiler.

We have a known to work/fail field, so you can tell if the wrong code bug you've got is fixed in a given version of the compiler to see if a backport is needed at all.
Also, it's not like closed bugs disappear of the face of the earth. you can still find them with queries.

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