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Re: gcc-ss-3.5-20040704 is now available

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Toon Moene wrote:

> wrote:
> >   gcc-g77-3.5-20040704.tar.bz2          The F77 front end and runtime.
> Whoah - wait, stop the presses.  There can't be a 
> gcc-g77-3.5-after-tree-ssa-merge snapshot, because it doesn't work (and 
> probably doesn't build either).

This file contains libf2c, because that hasn't been deleted (I don't know
why; suggestions it might be useful to look at in work on libgfortran
don't really hold up, since people who want to do that can just check out 
a copy from CVS with an old datestamp; if deleting it, remember to grep 
for mentions elsewhere in the source tree and delete as appropriate).

Even after the deletion of libf2c, the message will still mention a
tarball that doesn't exist, since there is a single CVS version of the
snapshot script and README that is used for all branches' snapshots; the
snapshot script avoids problems trying to generate diffs between
nonexistent tarballs, but doesn't edit the README to remove mention of
them.  Patches to fix the gcc_release script are of course welcome (and
someone with access to gccadmin will hopefully test them).

Joseph S. Myers      (personal mail) (Bugzilla assignments and CCs)

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