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Re: gcc newsletter #5

Mathieu Lacage wrote:

> hi all,
> Since I am leaving computers behind me for a few days, I released the
> newsletter today rather than monday. The next newsletter will happen on
> the 2004-07-15

Just FYI, this newsletter is now being mentioned
in Linux Weekly News's Development pages:

(Sorry, currently for subscribers only - should be
available for free in a week's time.)

It still refers to the old URL though - I have sent
them a mail asking them to update it.

As for the contents of the news itself, I feel you
should also mention the amazing cleanups and reorganisations
being carried out by Richard (Henderson). He has also
contributed a new SRA (Scalar Replacement of Aggregates,
see tree-sra.c) implementation.

As for the flag thingy, I think Ian was merely suggesting
a new target-specific flag rather than an existing flag.

There might be other important additions to GCC in the
last week that I might be missing out (that hopefully
others will point out).

The look and feel is so much better now. One minor
nit: instead of showing news on the front page on a monthly
basis, can you not tweak it to show (say) the recent
5 newsletters? Otherwise one only sees a single newsletter
now and has to enter the calendar to be able to see
other newsletters that were published in June.

Lastly, IMHO you should use "GCC" (rather than "gcc") as
this is an abbreviation.

Thanks a lot for the newsletter - great work!


Ranjit Mathew          Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.      Web:

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