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Re: Objective-C++

On 15 Jun, 2004, at 9.33, Timothy J.Wood wrote:

On Jun 14, 2004, at 8:31 AM, Mark Mitchell wrote:
Objective-C++ will not be considered when making releases. The state of Objective-C++ will be irrelevant when deciding whether or not to make a release. However, the SC hopes that Apple will provide resources to ensure that Objective-C++ stays in reasonable shape. Furthermore, nobody will be required to test Objective-C++ as part of the check-in cycle, and people who cause defects in Objective-C++ will not necessarily be required to fix them, although good manners dictates that people will help clean up their own mess where practical. The default configuration for GCC should not include Objective-C++; a user who wants Objective-C++ should explicitly use --enable-languages.

The rationale for this compromise position is that the SC feels that, on the one hand, it would be unfair to turn away Apple's contribution. On the other, the SC is concerned about possible maintenance issues. The approach outlined above allows Apple to contribute Objective-C++, but also reflects the expectation that Apple will be largely responsible for the maintenance of Objective-C++.

This is an understandable position, but I have a question for Zem and other maintainers. I'm interested in using ObjC++ on additional platforms (mainly on Darwin). Is Apple going to write their patches to avoid Darwin-specific requirements? Will there be a test suite checked in as part of ObjC++ to help others verify ObjC++ on other platforms?

Yes, there already exists a testsuite/obj-c++.dg/ folder with test cases, which I have used with success on Darwin (with the NeXT runtime) and on Linux (with the GNU runtime).

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