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RE: HELP: finding the patch for a regression test case

   I am trying to find patches for the test cases that were failes on
   but, i am unable to fing the PR number for most of the failed testcaes
   in the Changelog there any other way to find the patch that is
   related to the given testcase.thanx for any replies....

  i am testing the regression test suite of gcc 3.3.3 on gcc
>> 3.2.3 using
>>   the Dejagnu.I got the log information about the fails and
>>  how can i find the patch for those regression test cases? or...
>  Grepping for the PR number in the ChangeLog files generally gets you
>  most
> of the way there.
>>  how will i know why that test case failed i mean which part of source
>>  code has caused the test test case failure?
>  You really have to analyze the compiled testcase code, see what's
>  actually
> wrong with it, infer what the compiler should have output, and deduce
> from that which area might be responsible.  If that doesn't get you
> close enough, you often have to take debugging dumps of the RTL and
> follow the code in question all the way through the various passes to
> see where it goes wrong.
>>  the bugzilla doesn't have any information regarding the test
>> case
>>  there any other way...
>  As I said, grep the PR in the changelogs, because the testcase is
>  usually
> added by the same patch that fixes the PR.
>    cheers,
>      DaveK
> --
> Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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