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Re: Trouble building gcc-3.4.0 cygwin->linux

Dan Kegel wrote:
>[Dangit, somebody replied to this six weeks ago and told me
>what configuration variable controlled this choice, but I
>can't find the email now that I have time and need to fix this >problem!]

That would be me. See
I just grepped for LTHUNK, found it in cp/method.c, and pointed you at ASM_OUTPUT_DEF which seemed to be the culprit.

Looking at it again, I see that there are some curious __CYGWIN__ ifdefs in there which might instead be the problem. Your cygwin-x-linux cross compiler would have been compiled with a compiler that defined __CYGWIN__, and thus some stuff in cp/method.c would have been enabled and/or disabled that should not have been. To fix this, put a
in config/i386/cygwin.h (or maybe cygming.h?) and modify cp/method.c to use that define instead of __CYGWIN__. We need a more elegant solution for gcc mainline, but one has already been written. This is the TARGET_USE_LOCAL_THUNK_ALIAS_P stuff I mentioned earler.

See PR 14808. This contains the method.c.diff patch that broke gcc-3.4. This was an attempt to write a safer simpler patch than the one that went into mainline, which can be found here
Unfortunately, this patch breaks cross compilers built on cygwin.

I'm not keen on trying a cygwin build to reproduce any of this, as then I won't be able to read mail.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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